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I'm back.

The problem is fixed.

First things first, Episode 2 is going up.

- Spex130

Also. Preview of next episode.

Subzero12 and Brooklynz

The (Slightly) Triumphant Return.


Just posting here since I have a chance.

I'm not dead or anything, and for those of you who don't know, the newest Episode (2) is HERE: 5YXg

Thanks again, you guys.

- Spex130

I noticed.....

2009-11-08 21:16:30 by Spex130

I left a post on my adventure in hacking on this page for a while.
Now that I think about it, it's been so long since you actually heard anything about the newest episode right?


This new episode is going to be EPIC. As in over 4 minutes. It'll go faster now that the Cameo-based Phase is over and I'm moving into the Story part of the animation.

Just to let you guys know that I'm not dead or anything, I posted some music. Go have a listen.

Also. Picture of Mariku, one of the Cameos.

I noticed.....

HAHAHA! YES! *Ahem* Got it back.

2009-10-09 23:48:34 by Spex130

Man. I can't Imagine how many Emails the Artix team gets from players like me.


They personally read EACH email. And get 'em back too.

3 Business days. That is, THREE WEEKS. That's how long it could've taken for them to read my Email.

I got it back the next Day!

So. In conclusion. I am content again.

And I will go back to working on my AQW Flash not "Totally ready to Fire ma' lazar at the next hacker I see."

- Spex130

On a side note, all my friends were deleted.

SwordmasterXII, Glen, J2K3, Aireth101 (If you're reading this),


So. Blues V.

My account was HACKED.

And I am MAD.

I used recover. All that jazz.

All I can do is hope now.

This really has nothin' to do with the Animation.

It was just my LVL 19 Account.

So. For now, I'll be running around as "Yoalla_Na"

I look exactly the same, just not as epic.

Friendly FYI for ya'll

Note: 2 Min. into the next episode. Haven't even gotten to the story.
Slowed by Cameos.

You guys really like this series don't you?

- Spex130


Or that's what I would say. There are already a whole bunch of people who already said "I wanna be in this!" And adding more would take a bit more time, but whatever.

If you want your AQW character to be an extra, just leave a comment here, and look for yourself in the video. The Keyword is look though, you still might not make it if there are too many.

Just a note, the character Blues V is my actual AQW Account, so if you see me, just tell me there.

Thanks for your support.

- Spex130

P.S. The account on youtube ISN'T mine. They are my videos though.


I'm very happy.

You see, people actually responded!


Anyway, I'm not taking anymore extras untill episode two.

Oh, don't worry, I'll tell when I'm taking em' again.

But that time, is not now.

- Spex130

Calling all AQW Players!

2009-03-27 18:12:38 by Spex130

Hey Everyone!

If you didn't know already, I recently started a AdventureQuest Worlds flash series. Right now I'm looking for some extras to be in places like Battleon or Yulgar's. If you want to be in it, just PM me your Avatar Name, then look for yourself in the next video!

- Spex130

P.S. Not everyone will make it...