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Character Calls for Episode One are closed.

2009-06-26 23:12:40 by Spex130


I'm very happy.

You see, people actually responded!


Anyway, I'm not taking anymore extras untill episode two.

Oh, don't worry, I'll tell when I'm taking em' again.

But that time, is not now.

- Spex130


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2009-06-30 16:27:44

Any estimations as to when the AQ episode will be finished?

Spex130 responds:

Very, Very Soon. Very soon.


2009-07-03 17:34:03

I don't think I'll be able to find suitable conversation music (It's way harder than I thought it would be) so if you can maybe follow through with your 'make your own music' plan that'd be great. Talk to you later.

Spex130 responds:

Gotcha. Thanks!


2009-07-09 22:30:10

LOVED IT. So, if you need to use more names, I have a LOT.

Spex130 responds:

Thanks! I'll contact you if I do!


2009-08-01 02:25:19

You are to kool 4 skool

Spex130 responds:

Thank you VERY much!


2009-08-08 04:56:44

Hey u got skills kid.
If u need some ideas to come with I'll be in the Nythera server.
Mostly in yulgar-9999
Let me see ur true potential kid.
U have a great skill keep on getting better

Spex130 responds:



2009-08-08 04:59:01

Names DeathGod Player sorry for the multiple Posting forgot to put my name.
/me will pwn some noobs

Spex130 responds:

No worries! I'll call if I see you!


2009-08-09 19:29:51

if you need a character
i have one my name is
mosnar im a lvl 15
and im usualy in the nythera server

Spex130 responds: