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I noticed.....

2009-11-08 21:16:30 by Spex130

I left a post on my adventure in hacking on this page for a while.
Now that I think about it, it's been so long since you actually heard anything about the newest episode right?


This new episode is going to be EPIC. As in over 4 minutes. It'll go faster now that the Cameo-based Phase is over and I'm moving into the Story part of the animation.

Just to let you guys know that I'm not dead or anything, I posted some music. Go have a listen.

Also. Picture of Mariku, one of the Cameos.

I noticed.....


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2009-11-08 22:46:47

Well finally,your done with the...something(will not reveal spoiler :D)...and can move to the story x]
Hope you still have it all written down somewhere.

And I'll still spill my brains for those ideas :S
Don't reveal too much now ok?

~Cheers and good luck!

Spex130 responds:

That "something" took a lot of work!

I'm proud of that!

And hey, thanks for your help!


2009-11-09 04:02:57

That new character looks swell

glad your continuing the series

Spex130 responds:


I have to make sure you guys don't think I'm dead!


2009-11-09 14:51:07

WOW! I have to say you're artwork have improved...A LOT, and over 4 mins of AQW is gonna be so EPIC! xD however you should make a post about the progress tho,
love to hear more from ya,


p.s hope my character will appear in a sequel tho, doesnt matter which ep I could be some random guy in your background I can imagine that LOL or one of the characters in the movie, your choice ^^

Spex130 responds:

Thank you very much!

I really wasn't going to tell you....


Look in the next episode! Look HARD.



2009-11-12 14:26:02

Glad to hear you're still working on it man, can't wait to see my character again.
BTW the pic looks awesome.

Spex130 responds:

Yeah, it's still going! And don't worry, he's still around!

I also wanted to thank you for your help, if I didn't earlier!



2009-11-18 16:40:59


Spex130 responds:

Hehe. I thought you might like that!


2009-11-21 21:19:18

lol animations improved a bit more just hope its worth the wait

~Death >:D~

Spex130 responds:

It's TOTALLY worth the wait!


2009-12-26 17:41:11

i like the way you did the animation im hopeing for the next one


2010-01-08 23:57:11

The flash must almost be done right? Because I can't wait much longer :)

Spex130 responds:

I'm telling you, man!

I'm THIS close to finishing!

(Gestures an infinitely tiny space between his fingers with his unexplainable interweb hands.)


2010-01-09 11:13:52

Uh, the wait is going to wait a little bit more guys, Blue is having some troubles at home and can't really log on to Newgrounds right now. He'll be back soon though!

Spex130 responds:

He's right, guys. I'm having some real trouble getting to newgrounds.

Don't think this means everything is over though. Work on the movie is still continuing.

It SHOULD be done this month, unless something drastic happens.

Oh, and one last thing. Thank Jeebus here for passing on my message, because it was a pain to get out.



2010-04-16 21:19:29

Hey guys! Episode 2 is on Youtube, since Spex is still having troubles here on newgrounds. Head over to Youtube and check it out though! His channel is under the same name here.