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Character Calls for Episode 2 are...

2009-08-13 15:09:25 by Spex130


Or that's what I would say. There are already a whole bunch of people who already said "I wanna be in this!" And adding more would take a bit more time, but whatever.

If you want your AQW character to be an extra, just leave a comment here, and look for yourself in the video. The Keyword is look though, you still might not make it if there are too many.

Just a note, the character Blues V is my actual AQW Account, so if you see me, just tell me there.

Thanks for your support.

- Spex130

P.S. The account on youtube ISN'T mine. They are my videos though.


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2009-08-13 15:14:19

just to make sure my character is still going to be in the next episode

(Updated ) Spex130 responds:

Don't worry. You're in!


2009-08-13 16:51:48


Spex130 responds:

I'M A......Grey, walking.....thing with an X FOR A FACE!


2009-08-14 04:10:50

lol so wuts the next character gonna be?
guardian of the forest or somethin?
me deathgod player

Spex130 responds:

Heh. One? No siree! There's definitely more than one person! and each of em's going to be doing something!

Oh, I've already got your character down, too.


2009-08-14 06:57:39

Wow! ahah the ppl sure like your vids :D

Spex130 responds:

I'm glad they do!


2009-08-16 09:34:37

hey hows the new vedio going so far ^_^
aqworlds ~ Mariku

Spex130 responds:



2009-08-21 23:01:04

how many people are going to be in the 2nd?

Spex130 responds:

I dunno, actually.


2009-09-05 15:41:30

Hey spex,
can't wait to see the next episode (and I get to be there in the story I'm so happy!)

Spex130 responds:

I can't wait for you to see it either! Thanks for your help!


2009-09-19 23:29:42

Hey nice videos
they are divinely entertaining and nicely created

My AQW name is M X Z (im basicaly the insane type that always wears alpha pirate)
and though ive never wished to be in anyone elses work i found your work to be niceand fresh
so if you wanna include me in your next AQW Episode id be delighted
See Ya
--[Echo of the Prince]--

Spex130 responds:

Hmmm! Cool! I'll see if I can get you in.

I'm honored that you have volunteered!

Note: NO guarantees though.

Each person added adds a little more time to the project.

Just look for yourself, okay?


2009-09-26 16:55:32

My aqw name: oy you there

status in aqw: member

what I think of you animations: You're animations r truely awesome I'm SO glad you decided to make an animation about aqw, because it's one the the best f2p browser based games out there, and also I'd like to be in one of your animations you don't have to get my armour or anything just my name.


Spex130 responds:

Yup. I'll see if I can get you in!

Thanks SO very much!


2009-10-19 23:36:58

Heya,it's your friend Law,make sure you don't forget to add me.And I'll PM you any further ideas I have.Have fun sorting through all the new characters and finishing up number 2,hehe.
Cheers and good luck!

Spex130 responds:

Thanks! I definitely will, "Mr. Hero!"