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Telling the world "Ha, I'm not dead yet!"

2010-07-05 01:30:54 by Spex130


Just posting here since I have a chance.

I'm not dead or anything, and for those of you who don't know, the newest Episode (2) is HERE: 5YXg

Thanks again, you guys.

- Spex130


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2010-08-22 02:47:53

Got my hopes up that ill be in the vid >.<
Lol ya forget me? xD


2010-08-24 18:23:17

hey man I just started watching your vids and i got to say the are really good man! Keep up the good work and i'll be waiting to see your next one. Oh and i was wondering if i could be in your next vid. My name is el0903 (same as on here) and i'm usually on the artix server. So just let me know and i'll meet you in a yulgar or wherever. Thanks man and i'll talk to you later