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Bad News Kiddies. Not about the Animation though.

2009-10-08 23:31:50 by Spex130

So. Blues V.

My account was HACKED.

And I am MAD.

I used recover. All that jazz.

All I can do is hope now.

This really has nothin' to do with the Animation.

It was just my LVL 19 Account.

So. For now, I'll be running around as "Yoalla_Na"

I look exactly the same, just not as epic.

Friendly FYI for ya'll

Note: 2 Min. into the next episode. Haven't even gotten to the story.
Slowed by Cameos.

You guys really like this series don't you?

- Spex130


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2009-10-08 23:53:34

i hpoe you get your account back

Spex130 responds:

Thanks dude!

I got it back!


2009-10-08 23:53:34

unlucky. what's Blues V?

Spex130 responds:

Blues V is my Account.

Which I got back.

Next day service!


2009-10-09 01:37:24

dude i saw you on today, the blues account. this is glen btw

Spex130 responds:

Weeeeeell. Was I white? Then that wasn't me. Imma Black dude. No worries though.

Artix n' pals sure are lifesavers!